Breastfeeding v Bottle Feeding: What New Mums Need To Know

Are you questioning about breastfeeding or bottle feeding? We’ve received some recommendations on the best way to do efficiently to each.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends that infants are completely breastfed for the primary six months of life to realize optimum progress, growth and well being. Thereafter, to satisfy their evolving dietary necessities, infants ought to obtain nutritionally enough and protected complementary meals, whereas persevering with to breastfeed for up two years or past.

Breasts are so intelligent! The milk adapts as your child grows to satisfy your child’s altering wants. Breastmilk can change the antibodies it produces to guard your child from illnesses and might even change into extra watery throughout sizzling climate to maintain your child hydrated.

The key to breastfeeding

Key to profitable breastfeeding is the institution of a great milk provide, by way of the early and common stimulation of your breasts. Breast stimulation is achieved when a child feeds or when a mom expresses her milk. To guarantee a great provide, the breasts must be successfully stimulated 8-12 occasions each 24 hours.

While there may be loads of sources out there for girls and households surrounding breastfeeding and the best way to downside resolve if difficulties are encountered, there may be much less info surrounding the best way to put together for the truth and practicalities of how breastfeeding will be.

Reading about breastfeeding, taking a category throughout being pregnant run by skilled professionals which focuses on breastfeeding and attending to know the best way to hand categorical or harvest colostrum can all be good methods to organize.

Colostrum harvesting is a ability you’ll be able to apply from 37 weeks in being pregnant and any colostrum, which is the primary breastmilk you produce, will be collected and frozen for after the start. Ask your midwife for extra info on how and when to get began.

If you could have any issues breastfeeding, it’s vital to ask for assist out of your midwife, well being customer or a breastfeeding specialist as quickly as potential so points will be sorted early.


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Common challenges ladies might face when breastfeeding can embody:

Sore or cracked nipples

This often occurs as a result of your child isn’t well-positioned or connected on the breast. Any ache or discomfort can shortly worsen, so it’s vital to entry assist out of your midwife as quickly as you’ll be able to.

Not sufficient breast milk

When you first begin breastfeeding, you might fear that your child isn’t getting sufficient milk. It is regular for it to take a short while earlier than you are feeling assured that your child is getting what they want. Offering your child each breasts at every feed and alternating which breast you begin with will assist to stimulate your milk provide.

Your child’s poo altering from the thicker meconium at start, to extra watery yellow is an efficient indication that your child is taking in good portions of breastmilk too.

Breast engorgement

Breast engorgement is when your breasts get too filled with milk. They might really feel laborious, tight and painful. Engorgement can occur within the early days once you and your child are nonetheless getting used to breastfeeding. It can take just a few days in your milk provide to match your child’s wants. It may also occur later, for instance when weaning your child onto stable meals or when returning to work.

Although this may be sore, they need to quickly really feel extra comfy once more. However, you’ll be able to attempt soaking in a heat bathtub or operating a heat bathe over them to offer some aid.

Baby isn’t latching on correctly

Breastfeeding is a ability that you simply and your child have to be taught collectively. It might take you each some time to get the grasp of it. If you’re discovering breastfeeding painful or your child doesn’t appear to be glad after feeds, they is probably not latching onto the breast correctly. Do entry assist out of your midwife to assist with this.

Using totally different positions can be helpful. There are a spread to attempt akin to sitting upright, rugby ball, koala maintain and side-lying – which will be useful within the early days when you have a sore perineum or have had a caesarean part.

Breastfeeding or bottle feeding?

Some dad and mom select to bottle feed their child or might attempt breastfeeding and resolve to change to bottle feeding with their expressed breast milk or components.

Being attentive to your child’s feeding cues may help you to know your child’s wants and you can even construct in the advantages of skin-to-skin to enhance closeness and bonding throughout their bottle feeds. This may also assist your child really feel protected and safe while feeding.

Parents usually ask which components milk model is finest for his or her child. They are very related in elements so one isn’t extra nutritious than one other and they are often primarily based on cows’ milk or goats’ milk. If you need to swap to soya-based components, then do have a dialog along with your healthcare skilled (midwife or well being customer) first earlier than you modify.

Tips to assist with bottle feeding and bonding:

  • Hold your child near your physique when feeding, or higher nonetheless spend a while having skin-to-skin contact
  • Look for feeding cues akin to finger sucking and head turning to point that they need to feed. Crying is often the final signal that child needs to feed.
  • When holding your child shut hold them in a semi-upright place, achieve eye contact and speak to them to assuage them.
  • Gently contact your child’s lips or face with the teat of the bottle to encourage them to open their mouth.
  • Your child will let you know once they need to end feeding which could possibly be by stopping sucking, pushing the bottle away or spilling milk from their mouth. Remove the bottle gently and don’t attempt to power child to take extra milk than they need to, in the event that they show this behaviour, it’s their approach of telling you they’ve had sufficient.

However you select to feed your child through the early days and weeks, whether or not breastfeeding or bottle feeding, attempt to restrict your guests to those that can offer you the sensible and emotional assist you want as a household. This could seem egocentric, however it is very important spend these early occasions along with your child establishing bonding, breastfeeding and/or bottle-feeding and simply getting used to the distinction a new child makes to you as a pair or as a rising household.

Article by Lesley Gilchrist, registered midwife, and co-founder of My Expert Midwife.


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