Can You Predict Your Baby’s Sex?

Are you questioning concerning the intercourse of your child? There are plenty of theories that profess to foretell child’s intercourse within the womb, however can you actually belief something apart from science? Read on to search out out.


Ultrasound Scan

If you’re in search of a approach to inform the intercourse of your child, the ultrasound scan is a superb shout, however you’ll have to attend till you’re 20 weeks’ pregnant. For extra recommendation on what to anticipate out of your anomaly scan, click on right here.

Don’t neglect foetal place can usually hinder the view of your child, and technicians do generally make errors. They say accuracy of an extremely sound scan to foretell the intercourse of your child is round 97-99% in most pregnancies.

Harmony Test

Is a non-invasive prenatal check and is probably the most correct approach of figuring out intercourse in addition to different dangers, resembling down syndrome. The check may be provided from the tenth week of being pregnant.  This is finished by blood check and scan.


Pulse prognosis has been utilized in conventional Chinese medication for over 2,000 years. A great acupuncturist might be able to predict child’s intercourse as early as cycle week 5.


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The Ramsay Theory

Early gender prediction methodology. He research the connection between the placenta location and gender. Most correct between the 6 & 8th week of being pregnant.

Other theories embody:

Nub Theory

From round 11 weeks gestation, each girls and boys have a swollen space of genitals that appears like a nub. Some factor that by your child’s facet profile you could possibly hazard a guess…

Skull Theory

According to the speculation, the form and dimension of a child’s cranium can decide whether or not you’ll have a boy or a lady. The normal perception is that child boys have greater and blockier skulls than ladies. More particularly, boys have an outlined forehead ridge, sq. chin, and extra angled jaws. Plus a boy’s cranium tends to have extra outstanding cheekbones. In distinction to boys, child ladies have rounder chins with a wider angle to their jaws. Additionally, their foreheads are much less sloping with smaller forehead ridges.

(Info from Healthline)

Old Wives Tale

Wedding ring on a string

Tie your wedding ceremony ring to an extended piece of string, mom lies flat with the bump in direction of the sky. Partner/good friend to dangle the ring a number of inches above your tummy. Back and forth means it’s a boy, and round means it’s a lady.

How you carry the bump

If it’s excessive it’s a woman, and low it’s a boy.

Party weight achieve. If your accomplice features weight you’re having a boy and in case your accomplice stays the identical it’s a lady.

Spontaneous being pregnant pimples 

If you do have pimples you’re having a lady, clear pores and skin means it’s a boy.

Pregnancy craving

If you need one thing salty or protein-rich foods- it’s a boy, and candy, fruity– it’s a lady.

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