Irish Baby Names You Can’t Say (But Sound Lovely When You Do)

Best Irish Baby names you can

Baby names can have so many alternative meanings- both primarily based in language, tradition, or simply private that means for the household.

Naming your child is a deeply accountable course of. Analysis has discovered that an individual’s title typically shapes folks’s notion of them, particularly when put in entrance of a gaggle of candidates with out faces hooked up to the names. Nonetheless, many mother and father wish to give their kids a reputation that’s significant to them. Generally this may imply utilizing a household title and generally this implies utilizing a reputation primarily based on their heritage and tradition, even when that heritage or tradition has been misplaced from years of assimilation.

Table of Cotents

These 20 totally different Irish child names are lovable, significant, and lovely- as soon as you determine find out how to pronounce them. All of them have a particular that means, a lot of them primarily based on Irish folklore. Look under to see if something strikes your fancy, Lassy, earlier than your wee one makes their look.

For the Lasses

Aibhlinn (ave-leen)
Longed for, wished for. Aibhlinn is a one of many Gaelic names that People would possibly be capable of “get” after only some encounters. There are fairly a couple of comparable names in English. You could like this title you probably have been pondering of the names Eileen, Evelyn, Mabel, Abilene.  Although the title could have Norman roots, it doesn’t cease us from loving the ethereal and beautiful sound of it. That is a kind of names that works equally effectively for an toddler because it does a baby, grownup, and outdated woman. There’s the likelihood for a lot of good nicknames together with: Ave, Avey, Leen, Leeny.

Saoirse (SEAR-sha)
Gaelic for freedom or liberty. Saoirse has been in use as a reputation because the Twenties.  The title has robust patriotic overtones and has been pretty widespread in Eire. You could also be accustomed to Saoirse Ronan, the actress from Brooklyn.  There may be some debate among the many Irish diaspora right here in states over how it’s pronounced. Some say “SAYR-sha,” some “SOR-sha,” and a few agree with Frank McCourt and I within the “SEAR-sha” pronunciation. I’ve seen younger girls in Eire posting in discussions concerning the title that their buddies name them “SEERSH.” Our daughter is Saoirse, and when she doesn’t wish to take care of the ignorant Sassenach she is going to write “Siri” on her title tag. Although saying Saoirse does sound a bit like Parseltongue, there’s a good energy within the /r/ phoneme, wrapped within the softness of /s/ and /sh/. A strong alternative for the fashionable lady. 

Niamh (NEE-iv)
Vivid, radiant. Niamh was the golden-haired daughter of the ocean god who rode a white horse. It’s a very fashionable title in Eire.  Niamh (discover that the /h/ is usually a /v/ sound?) is a robust title that conveys a little bit of wit and cheekiness. A number of imported tv exhibits have characters named Niamh. 

Caoimhe (keeva)
Light, stunning, valuable. Caoimhe has the identical root as Kevin, and could be very widespread in Eire with this authentic Gaelic spelling. This title just isn’t more likely to ever be understood by an American lady’s neighborhood since there may be nothing within the spelling to information the English-speaker in pronunciation. Although an exquisite and highly effective title, you must be OK with both consistently correcting and spelling it out, or utilizing another spelling for the overall inhabitants. Keyva, maybe. 

Aoife (EE-fa)
Stunning, radiant, joyful. Although it sounds waif-ish, the historical past of the title actually just isn’t. In Irish mythology, Aoife is the best lady warrior on this planet, filled with magic and energy. That is the title to decide on should you like Ava, Eva, Eve, Evie, or Alya however need one thing extra Celtic. As with all of those names, you run the very excessive danger of mispronunciation. If uniqueness or that means is extra vital to you than your baby being referred to as at all times by her rightful title, it’s of little consequence that your candy Aoife could typically be referred to as “ay-OH-eef” or “Aouf.” This title is usually on the highest of the charts in Eire. 

Maebh (MAYV)
Reason for nice pleasure. An Anglicized model is Maeve. The present Irish spelling, Maebh, is from the outdated Irish Madb.  One factor I’ve realized Gaelic names for my kids (and I think about it’s the identical with all names) is that there’s little level in being purist about choosing the ‘actual’ or ‘authentic’ title. They’ve all modified. What’s authentic or actual in spellings and pronunciations is determined by who you ask and who you are attempting to impress. So simply choose what you want finest and most closely fits your baby. Maebh is probably strongest of the lady names. She was an amazing warrior queen, star of the epic Cattle Raid of Cooley, a feminist heroine effectively earlier than her time. 

Eabha (ey-va)

That is the Irish type of Eve (Adam and Eve are Ádhamh agus Éabha in Irish). It means ‘life,’ however comes with all the connotations of the title Eve, i.e. the mom of all of the dwelling.


Additionally spelled Orlaith, this title means “golden princess” or “golden sovereign” in Irish. Each the sister and daughter of Brian Boru have been named Orla.

Emer (eemer)

This title means “swift.” Within the Irish legend, Eimear was the spouse of warrior legend Cuchulainn, and was mentioned to have possessed the six items of womanhood, that are magnificence, a mild voice, candy phrases, knowledge, needlework and chastity.

Fionnuala (fi-noola)

A variation of the title Finnguala, which suggests ‘honest shoulder’ or ‘white shoulder,’ from “fionn” that means white and “guala” that means shoulder.

Muireann (mweer-in)

This title means “sea white, sea honest.” In Irish mythology, this was the title of a sixth century mermaid caught by a fisherman in Lough Neagh. He introduced her to St. Comghall, who baptized her, reworking her into a lady.

For the Lads

Cian (KEY-in)
Historic, enduring. Cian is on the the highest ten boy names in Eire. You can safely use it right here, even within the US the place we’re uncomfortable with distinctive boy names. Folks will be capable of pronounce it after an encounter or two and there are no scratchy-throaty /gh/ or different barely off sounds of most of the (particularly male) Gaelic names. You can spell it Kian and nonetheless say KEY-in if you need even fewer points. 

Ciaran (KEER-an, KEER-awn)
Little darkish one. This can be a very fashionable title, the title of many saints. There are a couple of methods to Anglicize it if you need it pronounceable within the US. Kieran or Kierran are widespread re-spellings. Each this and Cian have sounds very similar to Kevin, so that they preserve masculinity in our society.   

Deaglan (DECK-lan)
Filled with goodness. The title of a well-known saint, right here’s an amazing title for a person. Written in its full glory, Deaglan has no bother holding his personal on the prime of a resume. A lot of boys names start with D, so there’s the additional benefit of acquainted male-ness, if that issues to you. Better of all, Deaglan has the advantage of being simply shortened to the nickname “Deck” or “Dec,” nice for household and finest mates, it additionally removes day-to-day awkwardness across the glottal cease within the center. 

Eoghan (O-in)
Born of the yew tree. Sure, that is the Irish Owen. The excellent news about this Gaelic title can also be the unhealthy information. Folks will be capable of bear in mind and say it proper, however nobody will ever spell or learn it accurately. Baby Eoghans in Eire are sometimes given center title Roe, in honor of Eoghan Roe, the nice seventeenth century Irish patriot and warrior.

Oisin (osh-EEN)
Little deer. If I had one other son and no in-laws, I’d title him Oisin. I’d not less than use it as a center title. Oisin was the son of legendary warrior Fionn Mac Cool and the goddess Sive. He was reared within the forest, and due to this fact superior. The title is widespread in trendy Eire.

Darragh (darra)

Some translate Darragh into “fruitful” or “fertile,” and a few translate the title into “darkish oak” or “oak tree.” In line with the Irish legend, Daire Mac Fiachna owned the Brown Bull of Cooley, and his refusal to promote it to Queen Maebh was a part of the trigger for the struggle between Ulster and Connacht.

Rian (ree-an)

This title means “little king” or “kingly.” Diminutive of the Irish phrase for “king,” which is “rí.”

Tadhg (tige)

This title means “poet” or “bard” in Irish. It was the title of an eleventh century King of Connacht


This title can imply both “silent” or “fierce.” Lorcan was the title of Brian Boru’s grandfather in addition to two kings of Leinster. It was possible used because the nickname for a “courageous warrior


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