Thanksgiving Table: Gear & Food Prep

Gobble, Gobble, Gobble!  Thanksgiving is a perfect time for family to assemble to share a meal, however it absolutely’s moreover a time the place dad and mother shock what devices baby can eat correct off the desk. I’ve realized some strategies and strategies over time with my kids that we have to go on to new dad and mother that actually make the day a additional pleasing one.

To start the time off correct, it’s always good to have some important gear to make touring with baby, and consuming with family a pleasant experience. Having a few points available helps make mealtime a little bit bit easier for everyone.



Six Items of Gear for a Profitable Thanksgiving Dinner

I always like to make sure I’ve six key points with me as soon as I journey to a member of the household’s dwelling for the holidays with a toddler. (or anytime I journey with baby)

One: A extraordinarily good moveable highchair or journey chair so baby has his/her private spot to take pleasure in Thanksgiving on the desk. My favorite merchandise is the Ciao! Child Go-Wherever Transportable Highchair. (That is moreover a favorite for tenting) It folds quickly like a camp chair and provides a safe place for baby to sit down with out taking on home on the consuming desk. I’m moreover an enormous fan of the small highchair seats that strap on to a consuming chair. Whereas these take up a little bit bit extra room, they provide an even bigger tray and are easier to clean.

Two: Dimension acceptable spoons or silverware. (For infants ingesting out of a cup, it’s a very good suggestion to make sure you have one amongst these available too.) There has always been a time the place we now have ventured off to a family’s dwelling solely to seek out that there will not be any spoons small enough for a kid.  Inexperienced Sprouts makes a pleasing finding out spoon set that gives dad and mother two spoon sizes to utilize counting on whether or not or not the dad and mother are feeding baby, or baby is self-feeding. Child Bjorn moreover makes an necessary rounded spoon and fork set that allows baby to “stab” and scoop with out sharp edges.

Three: A extraordinarily good, easy to clean, catch all of the items bib! This truly is the necessary factor to a no-mess trip meal. Silicone feeding bibs are a unimaginable risk for feeding baby. They usually have a pocket on the bottom that catches stunning spills. These bibs are easy to wipe off and usually dishwasher safe making clean-up a breeze.

4: I’m an enormous fan of the EzPz Mini Mats. These all-in-one divided plate with mat are one different easy clear decision for journey. The truly cool attribute about these superior improvements is that they sort a seal to a flat flooring and are almost inconceivable for little palms to remove. No additional plates thrown on the bottom all through mealtime!

EZPZ placemants

5:  A hand crank baby meals mill is a kind of “best saved secrets and techniques and strategies” that I was given with baby amount two. This was in all probability essentially the most life altering devices I ever acquired and my go-to baby current. The meals mill is an easy unit that you just simply crank and it purees baby meals correct on the desk.  It’s easy to grab some inexperienced beans correct off your plate, grind them up and serve to baby correct out of the very best of the meals mill.

Six: I ship my very personal left-over containers significantly for baby meals!  There are so many nice meals on the thanksgiving desk that infants can eat. Candy potatoes, turkey (after it’s been flooring), inexperienced beans, potatoes, and so forth.  I tucked a few small glass containers in my diaper bag that I would sneak a portion or two for baby to eat later inside the week. In reality I ship some containers for the adults to ship residence our favorites too!


What can baby eat off the Thanksgiving desk?

Now that you just simply’re all geared up for a worthwhile day on the Thanksgiving Desk the huge question is “What can my baby eat?”  Right right here’s a quick info that options a couple of of our family’s favorites.


Turkey could also be given to infants at 7-8 months outdated, nonetheless you’ll should grind it up using a meals mill or a small electrical meals processor. A great way to create the perfect consistency is to resolve on the fattier and softer thigh meat and add some breastmilk or parts to create the perfect consistency for baby. This mixture must drip off the tip of the spoon when fed to baby.

For infants older than 10 months, finely dice the turkey into teeny-tiny objects which may be swallowed full. Select the softer objects that baby can merely gum


There are plenty of fully totally different recipes for stuffing, so it’s onerous to clearly define what age group can eat this aspect dish. Mother or father’s best guess is to avoid this meals or proceed with warning. First look to see if there are any steady objects much like celery, onion, corn, or cranberries that can pose a choking hazard. If this stuff are present, it’s best to grind the stuffing up in your meals mill and examine the consistency sooner than feeding it to baby.  Infants can start to eat stuffing that has no choking hazards in it at 10 – 12 months outdated.

Mashed Potatoes:

Mashed potatoes could also be given to infants starting at 7 months outdated within the occasion that they don’t embody extra substances like bacon (a choking hazard) and cheese (the extra dairy is extra sturdy to digest). Ensure potatoes are fully pureed and thin them down barely with breastmilk or parts.


Gravy is nearly starch and fat. This is not probably the greatest for baby and is likely to be best to avoid.

Cranberry Sauce:

Cranberries are very acidic, so it’s not advisable for infants beneath 9 months. For older infants, mix in a little bit bit applesauce to cut the acid and provide some sweetness. Cranberries are a rich provide of vitamin A.

Inexperienced Beans:

Right right here’s one different good time to tug out your meals mill and puree up plenty of the cooked inexperienced beans for infants over 7 months outdated. The casserole mannequin of this aspect dish has a creamy diary base. Keep away from this dish if baby has dairy sensitivities and wait to feed until baby is 10 – 12months outdated to ensure that baby can accurately digest.

Glazed Carrots:

Mash up or puree carrots in your meals mill and feed to infants who’re 7 months or older.

Steamed or Creamed Corn:

Like gravy, corn is principally a provide of starch. Corn tends to set off digestive points for infants beneath 18 months. Corn will also be a doable choking hazard. Keep away from.



Candy Potatoes:

That is one amongst my favorite aspect dishes for infants because of they’re stuffed with dietary nutritional vitamins and are wonderful for baby’s vitamin. Infants as youthful as 5-6 months outdated can eat this aspect dish. A implausible rule of thumb when considering consistency is to remember that the youthful the toddler is, the additional watery the puree have to be. That is one different meals we advise in order so as to add breastmilk or parts to.  If your family members’s recipe requires a brown sugar or marshmallow topping, merely scoop beneath the very best layer and feed the delicious sweet potatoes to baby.

Pumpkin Pie:

For infants 6-10 months outdated scoop out the pumpkin half and water it down with some breastmilk or parts.  For infants older than 10 months finely dice the crust and pumpkin filling and let baby feed herself.

Apple Pie:

The apple filling will needs to be pureed inside the meals mill or electrical meals processor and the crust eradicated for infants 7-10 months outdated. Older infants can self-feed tiny chew sized objects which may be mushy.


Coming prepared with a few extra requirements and taking the time to prep plenty of the desk meals in order that they’re easier for baby to eat might make Thanksgiving dinner a very good time for baby to seek out consuming a meal with family! There are so many nutritious meals, textures and tastes for baby to try you would possibly need to guarantee baby is sporting stretchy pants.